Afraid of Katie

Why Is the Government Afraid of Katie the Goat?

Katie the Goat is a committed vegetarian. She doesn’t have horns or sharp teeth or engage in violence. She doesn’t speak words or engage in politics. She’s a homebody, a devoted mother.
So why is the government – from the Obama White House to the State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut – so afraid of Katie the Goat?

The answer is simple: She’s radioactive. Rather, her milk is radioactive.
She’s a nuclear whistleblower

Katie has grazed in the grass downwind of two nuclear power plants – Millstone in Connecticut and Indian Point in New York – and at both locations her milk has tested positive for strontium-90 and strontium-89, each a radioisotope produced only during nuclear fission. Sr-90 and Sr-89 are carcinogens not found in nature.

The profit-driven corporate owners of Millstone (Dominion) and Indian Point (Entergy) both deny that the Sr-90 and Sr-89 in Katie’s milk came from their nuclear power plants, even as they acknowledge that Sr-90 and Sr-89 are released during their routine operations.

“Over the many years of station operation,” Dominion wrote in a 2000 environmental operating report, “Sr-89 has often been released in comparable quantity to Sr-90.”

But the nuclear industry pretends that the radiation produced by nuclear power plants vanishes once it’s released to the environment. Unfortunately, the radiation remains biologically active and hazardous in the environment for long periods of time.

As Sr-90 and Sr-89 are released from the nuclear power plants as beta particles, they travel with the wind and precipitate in rain and snow to lawns, fields, forests, gardens, farms, playgrounds, backyards. The droplets of rain contain minuscule amounts of these poisons far beyond the ordinary detection powers of a goat – or a human.

Ingestion of Sr-90 and Sr-89 is hazardous to health. It may be present in the air, in drinking water and garden vegetables and dairy products from animals that have ingested it. Inside the human body, Sr-90 and Sr-89 are ticking time bombs continuously releasing energy that disrupts cell functioning, especially in the bones, bone marrow and teeth (chemically they mimic calcium), leading to leukemia, bone cancer, diseases of the immune system and other forms of cancer and disease. Children, women and developing fetuses are most vulnerable.

The government has known about the connection between Sr-90 and Sr-89 ingestion and health hazards since the dawn of the nuclear age, but for decades it has suppressed the truth in favor of promoting the development and expansion of the nuclear power industry. That nuclear power plants are designed to routinely release these carcinogenic radioisotopes to our communities is not widely known.

That’s why Katie the Goat is so dangerous.

When Katie went to the State Capitol in 2006 to meet with Governor Rell and with Governor Malloy in February of this year, both state leaders declined to meet her or listen to her story.

When Katie went to the White House on March 11, 2012, the fist anniversary of the Fukushima triple nuclear meltdowns, to meet with First Lady Michelle Obama and the First Family, they, too, declined to meet her.

Katie’s milk provides the irrefutable scientific proof that nuclear power plants routinely release radiation which ends up in our milk supply and is hazardous to health.

Unlike the nuclear industry and government regulators, Katie’s milk doesn’t lie. Katie’s milk speaks truth to power.