Katie’s Karma

When Katie the Goat invited the First Family to adopt her granddaughter, Dana Blue-Eyes, as a White House pet and radiation monitor, First Lady Michelle Obama proclaimed the idea “a fantastic opportunity.” Alas, the First Lady also expressed regret that the First Family would not be able to accept Katie’s offer, which she called “generous.” Undeterred, Katie and Dana Blue-Eyes ventured to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC on March 11, 2012 – the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown – to publicize their offer to the First Family and spread the alarm that nuclear power is dangerous to all living things.

The White House has heeded Katie’s alarm. Four years ago, when President Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, he pledged to “find ways to safely harness nuclear power.” This time around, accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for a second term on September 6, 2012, Obama abandoned the pledge to “find ways to safely harness nuclear power.” In fact, he abandoned any mention of nuclear power. Detailing the nation’s energy future in 186 words, he spoke of wind and solar and harnessing new biofuels – not nuclear. He extolled climate killer “clean coal” and natural gas extracted by fracking. But the term “nuclear energy” did not appear in the President’s acceptance speech outlining the nation’s energy future.

Katie’s visit to the White House was mission accomplished indeed.
Katie’s karma rules.