Katie Recognized and Remembered at U.S. Capitol Rally

Katie the Goat was recognized and remembered at a nationally-sponsored rally to end nuclear power and nuclear weapons at the U.S. Capitol on September 20, 2012. Nancy Burton, Katie’s caretaker, addressed the rally of C.A.N. (Coalition Against Nukes), telling national anti-nuclear leaders and grassroots activists gathered from across the country about Katie’s radiation monitoring near the Millstone and Indian Point nuclear power plants. Burton called on the NRC to require nuclear power plant operators to allow the public to access real-time control room data of reactor radioactive emissions to the air and water.

Other speakers included Jim Riccio, nuclear policy analyst for Greenpeace, Diane D’Arrigo, of Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Fukushima native Iori Mochizuki, Kendra Ulrich of Friends of the Earth, Robert Tohe of the Sierra Club, Kristin Iverson, author of Full Body Burden, and many others.The rally kicked off a major three-day event including a Congressional briefing on defective nuclear power plants led by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and an “Occupy the NRC” protest at the headquarters of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.